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In 1999 vocalist/guitarist Scott "SVH" Von Heldt's Ohio based band began work on a conceptual album Mantra under the band name Kurai (a term taken from Japanese Martial Arts that means to achieve a state of mind where you become one with your art). A blistering heavy smattering of emotion and intensity unseen in Prog Metal at that time, Mantra was an underground masterpiece ahead of it's time that slipped through the cracks as the industry shifted from CD's to a digital marketplace. In 2001  the group disbanded and SVH moved to LA.

For several years Scott worked with members of Korn, White Zombie, Cirque du Soliel and more as a hired-gun, but his love and passion for the music and vision of Kurai led him on a search for the right bandmates to carry the torch and grow this new brand of metal under the same name.

After a 2 1/2 year stint touring with Brian "HEAD" Welch of Korn, SVH came across an EPK for former Korn drum tech Abel Vallejo and he reached out to him. It wasn't long before the two were jamming and creating their own brand of heavy grooves! The two immediately began working on material and creating the mold for a new band to emerge from.

Abel was asked to go to Europe and assist Korn with their month-long run, a tour that also saw Mudvayne bassist Ryan Martinie filling in for Fieldy while he stayed home for the birth of his son. While in Europe Abel and Ryan fast became friends and talk of working together soon followed. In January of 2013 while in LA for the NAMM convention, Ryan met up with SVH and Abel and jammed for a few days then tracked all the bass for the bands upcoming 4 song EP.

The bands new EP "Breaking The Broken" will be released digitally on 12/17/13  with a full length album and live shows expected by Summer of 2014! Stay Tuned for details!

1999 Debut CD Mantra available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and MORE


Kurai 1999-2013 and Beyond...

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