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Artists on Breaking The Broken EP


Singer and guitarist Scott Von Heldt (aka: SVH) joins a new breed of heavy music and offers up a glimpse into the future of the primitive. From entrancing tribal rhythms to unparalleled vocal incantations, SVH has long been admired by his peers and continues to push the envelope to create music with unrelenting passion and intensity.

Scott broke out into the original metal scene of Northern Ohio at the age of 17 by releasing his first solo guitar record To Each His Own. SVH went on to join local metal giants Vatican (later renamed Marquis de Sade) and soon became a local guitar legend with the release of his second solo record Cries of Silence. In 1994 Scott gave his full attention to the formation of his new band Theater of Madness. The group went on to dominate the local music scene, releasing their debut CD The Demo and opening for national acts ranging from Quiet Riot, Slaughter, and LA Guns, to metal masters more in their vein such as Suffocation, Anthrax, and Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson among many others.

After many years of trudging through the trenches in search of a record company, Scott formed his own indie label Dead City Records and began work on Mantra, the debut from a new and improved version of his former band now named KURAI.

In 2002 he moved to Los Angeles and went on to join Ivan de Prume (White Zombie) and Martin St. Pierre (Cirque du Soliel) in the creation of HEALER, a band combining the elements of world music with modern metal! The bands debut Awakening has been hailed as one of the most original CD's released this decade and continues to garnish rave reviews.In February of '09 SVH was chosen as lead guitarist and backing vocalist for former KoRn guitarist Brian "HEAD" Welch. The group toured lightly throughout 2009 and spent most of 2010 touring the US and Europe. In 2011 SVH did his last show with Head in New Zealand before resuming work on his solo career.

SVH has worked with members of Korn, White Zombie, Cirque du Soliel, Strife, Limp Bizkit, Whitesnake, Bad Company, and many many more. and continues to add a unique sentiment to heavy music by infusing raw intensity with spiritual insight and global awareness.

Abel "KatFish" Vallejo

Abel "KatFisH" Vallejo is a Los Angeles born and raised drummer who has dedicated his entire life to being a musician. The tender age of 3 was when the vision and the quest of being a drummer was instilled. He has, since his teenage years, been a part of such bands as Savage Fury, Serious Threat ,P.F.R. , Off The Cross, Project One (now known as Cerebellion ), Resistant Culture, Forever Taken, I hate Kate ,Coastal Eddy, The Gravity Guild, The Tilt and now has helped re-create  the band called Kurai .

Abel started touring with the band KORN as Ray Luzier's drum tech in 2009, " I made amazing friends and golden relationships with all the members and the crew. Trully was a chance of a lifetime to be accepted into the family of such GIANT Talent. " Abel left his job with Korn to pursue his path to performing and touring , but maintains and strong relationship with Ray and the band. "Working for Ray was such a blast and a pleasure to be around such a monster drummer and a 200% professional. He was and still is a mentor and dear friend to me ,I cannot ask for a better big brother.

Abel takes a solid approach to his playing and has always taken pride in being a team player in every band he has played for. To team up with SVH this last year and start to kick out the new sound is something he has wanted to do for a long time ." Being a fill in and a session player for the last 8 years is a good thing but to help create a new sound from the ground up is very fulfilling. " ​


Ryan Martinie is an American bassist, best known for being the bass player of heavy metal band Mudvayne. He is well known for his complex basslines and unique playing style. He has been with the band since 1998.

In 1996, Mudvayne was formed. They initially had a different bass player. In 1997, still with their old bass player, Mudvayne released their first album, Kill, I Oughta. However, in 1998, after seeing Broken Altar live, Mudvayne asked Ryan to join their band. Although he was reluctant to leave Broken Altar at first, he joined Mudvayne upon realizing that they were serious about their band.Ryan became a cult bass player, getting positive critical acclaim for his unique style of playing, that "adds Mudvayne a whole new dimension"

  On 2 August, 2012, Korn announced that Ryan Martinie will join them on their European tour that kicked off in Poland, as the band's bassist, Fieldy and his wife, were expecting a child.

It was during this tour that Ryan and Abel met and became friends and soon thereafter began to collborate on music. Ryan brings a whole new dimension of vibe and groove to the project that has been a real source of inspiration for the band.

Ryan Martinie

Scott "SVH" Von Heldt

Kurai's 1999 debut CD Mantra



Matthew Bennett

Scott Von Heldt

Shawn St James

Rob Sledge

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